One Price Dry Cleaners

When Jasmine opened One Price Dry Cleaning a few years ago, she was new to the business. An avid thrift shopper, she realized she was spending more money on getting clothes cleaned than on the items themselves. This predicament inspired her to open One Price. She developed a model where all items cost the same price to clean, no matter the size, length, or material. Fellows at this store wanted to increase the business’s visibility and foot traffic. They helped Jasmine transform the look of the store and implement a referral program.


The Team

Melody Centeno

Melody Joanne Centeno is a motivational speaker, public advocate, and licensed master social worker. From a young age, she decided to use her personal story as a vehicle to break the stigmas associated with being a foster child. After aging out of foster care at 21, she became a motivational speaker for foster care youth. She has also been instrumental in supporting the HSVS American Dream program and the Heart Share Saint Vincent's Junior board through her "Foster Care Unplugged" campaign. When not working on community projects, Melody develops herself as an aspiring actress.

Princess Bey

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Princess Bey has always been a performer. She’s honed her craft by studying at several institutions, including HB Studios, The Lee Strasberg Institute, and Susan Batson Studio, and others. In 2016, she co-wrote, produced, and starred in the short film "Insex,” which was most recently nominated for Best Breakout Film at the Philadelphia Independent Film Awards and won Best Short Film at Black Web Fest. Princess is currently in post-production for her short film, "Khadijah" which she wrote, directed and produced.


Darkin Brown has extensive experience creating interactive environments across multiple platforms and has been teaching students graphic design for over a decade. Well versed in graphic, web, and interactive design, he also is an accomplished illustrator. Darkin has worked on countess websites, logos, and branding, as well as banner ads and interactive edutainment. This includes building hundreds of games teaching children multiple languages. Lately, Darkin has focused his graphic design skills on signage, awning design, and installations for local businesses in New York City.