Bullet Proof Comics

Bulletproof Comics and Games has called Flatbush home for 25 years. Hank, the business owner, began by selling comics from a cart. Today he owns a successful hobby store that sells far more than comics, but unlike when he first started, the Internet poses a constant threat. The fellows showed Hank how he could tweak the store to become a more inviting hang-out spot for customers. That way, customers will want to buy from the store instead of buying online.


The Team

Lena Aronson

Yelena Aronson teaches computer art as a professor at Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey. She has taught as multimedia instructor at Future Media Concepts in New York, and has worked as an architect in Moscow, Russia. Her digital art projects and prints have been shown in New York and New Jersey galleries, as well as online. She received the Silver Award from Artmajeur in 2004 and her M.F.A. from Brooklyn College in 2002.

Jansiel Polanco

Jansiel Polanco was born in the Dominican Republic, he has been living in New York since the age of 11. He has a  deep love of storyteller and is passionate about creating characters, stories that people can relate to. He has been illustrating characters that come from his spiritual/cultural learnings and painting portraits of people that he admires such as writers, activist, artist amongst others. He has been trying to find answers to many questions that have puzzled him and art has been his guide.